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We range in age from about 20 to about 75 years of age with a stop or two in between.  Believe it or not that only covers Baby Boomers and Millennials.  It surprised me too.  Traditionalists (or Silent Generation) are born 1945 and before. 1996 and after are called Gen Z, iGen, or Centennials.  Ok I like that nobody I talked to agreed on this; People are always creating labels and putting people in boxes. KASASA think they have it figured it, have a look.

One of us is comfortable in redneck retired dentist attire.  One of us, among other things, answers to quantum activist, monk and poet laureate.  One of us is an all round lover of life most of the time, poet, guitar player, phenomenal writer, and singer.  

Sorta Sincerely



Opo- My mantra, BIBO ( Breath In Breath Out)



Eats er um Cuisine


Check out out our personal stuff later.  Our team has agreed we want to  showcase Indie (independent) establishments.  We have different points of view you might agree with as we share relevant observations, impressions and opinions about food and food establishments mostly in Huntsville and vicinity but Cleveland Ohio, Jersey, Philly and beyond are not out of the question.) We have enough experience ... and opinions to work with restaurants to help them improve. We want to focus on ethnically owned establishments to show Alabama diversity. Have fun get paid.  Almost forgot- Every now and again we take off on tangents sparked by food.  Yep like at one restaurant Lynyrd Skynyrd's Sweet Home Alabama came on and sparked a story about the real life feud between between and Neil Young who previously took a swipe at them with "Southern Man" to whom Lynyrd Skynyrd replied with SHA.  Well not quite a feud, they actually agreed?; Hell read it for yourself here. comments?