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Mr. Faithwalker is a gifted coordinator of events.
At The Cleveland Museum of Art I was privy to and participated as an artist in a program which Mr. Faithwalker organized. The event was exceptional, thanks to the attention to details of Mr. Faithwalker. March 11, 2008, Adrienne worked directly with Cavana at The Cleveland Museum of Art

Michelle Spain, Ph.D-  Education “ Cavana is an outstanding creative team player. June 25, 2013, Michelle was Cavana's client
Thomasine Clark Museum Professional and Education Consultant, Cleveland Museum of Art

Cavana is a true innovator in arts outreach and the development of programming that builds audiences. He has a unique, creative vision that makes him an asset to any organization or project. Cavana is also respected for his advocacy and skill as a diversity trainer.

July 20, 2007, Thomasine worked with Cavana at The Cleveland Museum of Art thru 2012

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Cavana Faithwalker is the owner of Left Thumbprint Solutions and holds a degree in Public Art Marketing and Management (PAMM), which is composed of studio art, marketing and urban studies.  He is a personal, group and organizational Empowerment Consultant, Strategist and Facilitator with Left Thumbprint Solutions.   He is also Community Engagement consultant and facilitator with  Left Thumbprint Solutions..

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Poet Laureate Cavana for the city of cleveland Heights


It was a treat working with you on PULL!.

I know it wasn't easy. Thanks for all your

wisdom and passion and experience.

Good health to you!

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Sista Jewel Jackson- Director at African Soul International

Cavanna is a very self-motivated, creative business person, that pours everything into the success of whatever he is working on. I highly recommend Cav for any upcoming project that you needs to be DONE well! Cavana was Board President of African Soul Int’l. January 10, 2009, African Soul International was a  subcontractor  of   Left Thumbprint Solutions

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