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Five Points of Metabedu Ideology

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Points of Metabedu Ideology

  1. That there may be a higher life or maybe a deeper life that can be attained to, that is sometimes called supernatural.  .  It could be that all any mystic does is discipline [her/himself] keeping appetites in check and that is enough but we think disciplined seeking and becoming the self is essential. Metabedu’s number one priority is developing self.  This is empowerment ultimate self actualization.
  2. We believe the theory of congruence may be true: Congruence: Carl Rogers stated that the personality is like a triangle made up of the real self, the perceived self, and ideal self. According to Rogers, when there is a good fit between all three components, the person has congruence. This is a healthy state of being and helps people continue to progress toward self-actualization.  Metabedu members will that understanding and striving for congruence or self actualization leads to unconditional positive regard for oneself, all beings, and our world <-> and will that understanding  and striving for unconditional positive regard for oneself all beings and our world leads to congruence.  This leads to humbleness, giving, peace and a knowing of oneness with the universe and all living beings. This is a priority of Metabedu members.  These two points encompass the Be(ing) in Metabedu.
  3. Just as faith without works has no power, no life, being without duing (doing) is dead. Metabedu members strive to express themselves their entire beings on an individual personal level.
  4. Metabedu members’ individual personal expressions can lead to social justice, social equity endeavors,, in league with others.   The number one concept in social justice/social equity activities is the ultimate empowerment of people toward a holistic healthy being able to live in holistic healthy communities and holistic healthy environments.
  5. Metabedu members lean more toward developing power and empowering than wresting power from those who may be irresponsible and cripple others although direct confrontations are not out of the question.

Metabedu Mission

support and connect people socially and organizationally (build social capital) around personal spiritual holistic growth and empowerment by a focus on spiritual, social equity, and social justice exploration and best practices and through social justice, social equity endeavors stemming from individual and group endeavors.   Encourage members to share with each other tell stories, involve others in one’s endeavors, make aware of learning doing and being, opportunities. Encourage ad hoc teams that help empower communities

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