A Sense Of Place From Africa To Beyond:

A Traveler’s Guide To Family, Order, God and Country

West African Headdress,Lake Erie College art exhibit-ATravelers guide to Family  Order

minority enrollment project

 Lake Erie College approached Left Thumbprint Solutions [LTS] about mounting an art exhibit of  African art from the collection of a family of well traveled Lake Erie College alum.  Much of  the collection  is from the African continent especially from West Africa. The alum hoped to leverage the collection to  increase minority enrollment. 

 After initial conversations Left Thumbprint Solutions expanded the marketing initiative to run the month  leading up to the exhibit and conclude a week following.

 The plan involved all of downtown Painesville which had all the makings of a college town but showed  little influence of college students nor of the nearby college.  The project endeavored to connect the  exhibit content to the college community and several other strong regional communities, the African  Dance community and the poetry community.

 The African artwork exhibited along with the likes of photographer Halim Ina. Halim Ina’s first successfully  marketing event promoting his then fledgling philanthropic endeavor was spearheaded by Cavana  Faithwalker of Left Thumbprint Solutions (LTS).  Artists Halim, Richard Howell, historian, Dr. Pam McKee  and others did talks throughout the week and the event coincided with a regional African dance masters  class at Lake Erie college.

 AFRICAN SOUL INTERNATIONAL now based in Los Angeles astounded the opening night crowd with  African dance and education. 

 “wow it was a great month, a phenomenal exhibit and opening! Not only was there a phenomenal exhibit, the  opening had African drumming, dance, there was jazz and poetry!  The exhibit was so well received we decided  to  hold it over an extra month.  Cavana at Left Thumbprint is a genious!”-Debra Remington

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